roiquant offers affordable startup intelligence empowering founders
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Affordable startup intelligence empowering founders


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  • We’re planning our first virtual preseed startup competition offering equity-free cash prize money

Sorry that we haven’t written since 21 December 2021. We’ve been extremely busy.

Our CEO Paul will write you tomorrow to share about our plans for the rest of the year.

That's all for now and till next time, stay safe. 🤖

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Affordable startup intelligence for founders building high-ROI and competitive business.

Your feedback is valuable. It’s how we build the best for you.

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What we've built (key features and updates)

Over 85% of companies worldwide won't survive up to 10 years
  • Homepage second banner (lifespans of companies): we updated our companies shutdown rate and added the lifespans of companies over a 10-year duration.

    • Based on 8,377 inactive companies (with recorded operational duration data) in our database, 89.2% of companies shuttered within 10 years.

Analyze commercial viability while building fundraising pitch decks
  • [Beta] Tools - pitch deck analysis (for founders): founders get real-time analysis and recommended readings to improve business value creation in a structured and tangible approach while building their pitch decks.

    • Once the pitch decks are ready, select pitch from the Action button to showcase the pitch decks to investors on deals sourcing feature (table/page) according to the financing stages.

  • [Beta] Sourcing - deal flow (for investors): investors get access to diverse and recommended investable opportunities from the very-early and early stages.

    • Our pitch deck analytics helps founders improve their fundability to offer high quality curated deal flow to investors.

  • [Beta] Data - add-&-edit (for founders and investors): we now allow founders and investors to directly add or edit information into our multiple collections of data.

    • Claim, update, or correct the information of any profile.

We help you validate and refine intuitive ideas
  • roiquant community discord: we’re now officially engaging with our global community on Discord, join us for daily sharing of free curated readings, rich discussions, and resources structurally organized for your on-demand engagement.

  • Unique value proposition: we updated our site’s UVP marketing copy.

    • We serve founders who are dissatisfied with expensive tools and noisy data by building our intelligent data-centric solutions to power decisions, risk analytics, and data intelligence.

    • Unlike our competitors, roiquant’s affordable startup intelligence empowers founders to analyze, validate, and innovate their businesses.

Estimate your market size with TAM, SAM, and SOM in 3 different assumptions
  • Rebranded Flipidea as roiquant: we’ve changed our brand name to better identify ourselves according to our solutions offering, and it’s pronounced as roi-kwant, a combination of 2 words, ROI and quant.

    • In order to help early stage founders build strong competitive businesses with high ROI, we’re developing an affordable startup intelligence (powered by proprietary AI and intelligent quant systems) to help founders analyze the capital markets, competitive landscape, companies performance, business strategies, risk factors, and more, for actionable insights.

    • With our affordable startup intelligence, now every founder can be a quant analyst to reduce costly mistakes, make prudent strategies, innovate creatively, and fundraise strategically.

  • Simulation - market sizing (basic; pre-revenue method): you may now easily estimate your market size in Total Addressable Market, Serviceable Addressable Market, and Serviceable Obtainable Market scenarios, while considering your market penetration rate, in 3 different assumptions (low, medium, high).

    • According to IFC (2021), “the top-down approach is also known as the chain ratio method, which involves defining a ‘universe’ target market and applying various filters that continually reduces the figure to an estimation of the ‘net’ market”.

Survival rate of private sector establishments in the United States by opening year
  • Survival rate of private sector establishments in the United States: we added new charts on our postmortem analysis feature and about us page to observe the survival rate of private establishments in the US.

  • Confidentiality agreement: we’ve fixed the NDA forms for the idea checker and pitch deck analytics to stop showing once you’ve agreed to the terms.

How can we help?

  • General inquiry form (contact page): improving our customer support experience for you.

We added more enriched data to our live production database
  • Database: we published enriched data for our companies and products collections, such as contact details, founders, management, board members, ticker symbols, and so on.

  • Quick stats update: we updated the stats of updated collections.

    • Total investors: 155,231 investors

    • Total companies: 636,039 667,451 companies

      • Total inactive companies: 31,642 32,079 shuttered companies

      • Total active companies: 604,397 606,921 active companies

    • Total products: 25,890 25,522 products

      • Discontinued products: 141 413 dead products

      • Products showcase: 979 962 active products

      • Status unknown: 24,137 24,147 products
View summarized info of selected entity from any of our data collections
  • Pop-up company card (data products): you can now view the summarized info of selected entity from any of our data collections (shuttered companies, discontinued products, products showcase, very-early stage funding, and so on) by clicking on the entity logo.


What we're working on 📌

  • Big data pipeline architecture: to upgrade our current big data architecture to perform batch and interactive processing and analysis of large amount of data (millions of records/datapoints with millions and millions of attributes/features) within a minute.

  • Pitch deck analytics: to improve benchmarks, data models, and algorithms for optimal accuracy.

  • Pro Plan: to access more data via our public APIs (pay by overage model).

  • Referral system: to send out referral invites and get rewarded.

  • Database: to publish more enriched data.

*Note: Features release schedule is tentative and may subject to change.



We’re planning our first virtual preseed startup competition offering equity-free cash prize money. Help us decide by joining our waiting list to answer some questions.

Will you be game?




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